Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chasing Amy's Blog

Jake to Universe

My friend read one of my recent blog entries. Over dinner he commented that he had never come across the word "limning" before seeing it in the title of my entry. Duh. Where ya been? It was the word of the day on on February 2, 2001.

I did a search for other blogs that used the word "limn". I came across several but I started reading one written by a charming girl from California. It's almost heartbreaking to come across people like her. Where were girls like her when I was a younger man?

They were probably sitting next to me in French class but there would have been no way for me to know. Maybe that girl in my French class maintained a diary, scribbled her poems within it... made observations, confessions and declarations that I would have found charming and fascinating. But unless I happened to find that well-worn and colourful testament to her love for words I would probably never know about that side of her.

I know that blogs aren't necessarily diaries but through them we are given access to the personal world of friends and strangers to an extent that we could never have dreamed possible only a decade ago. So I found myself checking each day to see whether Amy had updated her blog. I was curious how she was doing in Ithaca and whether she would decide to choose Cornell over Berkeley. To my disappointment she didn't submit an entry for over a week.

Isn't it odd that you can follow the life of another person without their knowing? Maybe I should send her this link. That would mean that I'm not technically being a stalker right?

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