Monday, July 17, 2006

Rebel Hair

It seems teenage boys will groom themselves in a fashion that they perceive is most likely to scare their parents. This might be why suburban white kids tend to look like inner city black kids. So why do so many young men seem to be growing beards these days? Is it part of this hick-chic movement or is it because with their bushy beards they look like they could be members of Al-Qaida?


Robotic Spit-take said...

John Deere Caps, Pabs Blue Ribbon,
Bright Yellow T-Shirts that say Dacoma Farmers Coop, Inc.
I imagine this barnyard voguing is a backlash to designer label consumerism -
or maybe they're real hicks.

JakeJakob said...

Sometimes I find it really hard to tell.
I guess if the guy is really succesfully put together then people might ask "Hipster or Hick?"