Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cuba Libre (Cuban Rum + Coca Cola + Lime)

Ever since Fidel was said to have passed on the leadership to Raul I have had the suspicion that he may have actually died. I don't find the photos very convincing. Regardless, the effect has been a greater affection for Fidel from the people.

But then again, I always thought that Coca Cola planned the New Coke fiasco to redouble the loyalty of Coke drinkers.

Meanwhile about 90 miles from the Florida Keys (where key lime is grown) Sheritt International is pumping about 20,000 barrells of crude oil.

The corporations have been licking their lips, waiting for a sip of a Cuba Libre, but they may go unquenched if the Cubans are able to pull off a smooth transition when Fidel passes on.

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