Thursday, December 07, 2006

Passages From An Unfinished Novel

After some squirming she rolls over and sits spread atop, knees bent, facing Ziggy's shuttered visage.

Coursing in circles around the accelerator the streams of billions rush past each other. Occasionally and rarely an electron slams directly into a positron. The resulting explosion while invisible to the naked eye is nevertheless a display of spectacular pyrotechnics. The aim of this collision is to create new particles hitherto unseen. The art is only incidental.

Loudly - "Ohh Ziggy"

Whispered - "Ohh God"

Exultations, visceral and archetypal. Exaltations, one and universal. The silence that follows will soon be punctured when Susan looks over to the clock on the night table and registers in order the digits 8, 1, and 4.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna be late again. I can't be late again. Fuck."


Me:The Sequel said...

Oooh! Geek-porn! A new genre?

Me likes... good writing, Do you have more? :)

JakeJakob said...

Thanks. I'm working on it. It's your typical quantum physics, boxing, medical, time-travel love-story.
I hope you won't be disappointed that only a few passages would be considered geek-porn.
More to come soon.

me girrl said...

it is march 07
has come soon come?
give me them