Monday, February 12, 2007

Billions and Billions

"We live on a mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam."

Carl Sagan 1994

It has been ten years since Carl Sagan died. We could use someone like him today. Richard Dawkins is brilliant but he rubs some people the wrong way. Sagan was very persuasive without being condescending. As a child, watching the Cosmos series on PBS changed my life. I've got the DVD box set so when I have a free weekend I'll watch the whole thing again.

Since today was Darwin's birthday I've provided below a segment on evolution. Please pass this on to someone in the Kansas Board of Education.


Cathy said...

The DVD Box Set was actually a Valentine's Day present. :)

Will said...

I loved Sagan and I still refer to his work frequently.

JakeJakob said...

Cosmos made me realize at an early age that I may in fact have been a closet geek (I'm fully out now).

The movie Contact with Jodie Foster was a little lame but waddaya gonna do?