Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My friend Jesse was just on TVO as a guest of Steve Paikin's Agenda. They had another guest from San Francisco named Justin who has been living with a camera on his ear for the last 16 days. He never takes it off as it captures every moment of his life and streams it onto the Internet. While watching the show I also logged onto and saw the inside of the studio from his perspective.

As I write this posting, another window is open and streaming video of what Justin is seeing as he walks around San Francisco after having left the studio. Before he left he visited the bathroom and yes he kept it streaming although he did aim his camera away as he did his business. Justin is using a technology by Ustream that makes it easy and affordable for almost anyone to stream their lives online. I am betting we will see more of this. A youtube-like service will be required for people to access the most popular streaming lives.

Years ago I was quoted saying that "in the next economy media will be as ubiquitous as water". We are nearly there. People like Justin are serving up their lives and billions of fans will soon be drinking it up.

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openflows said...

What I found rather interesting about Justin's aesthetic is the fact that he attempts to live in a virtuous manner. When Steve kept asking him if he'd be ashamed of some of the things he's doing when he's older, Justin kept insisting that he was living a clean life due to the transparency the camera facilitates. This made me think there was something monastic, or spiritual to what he was doing. As if those like Justin or Steve Mann who totally submit themselves to the system were a type of religious figure. They're attempting to understand and explore the implications of ubiquitous media.