Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fuck Earth

The feminine is associated with the Earth while the masculine is associated with the higher realms. The results of this simple rule of thumb has had disastrous consequences for both the Earth and the female souls that inhabit her. The earthly bits of our being are all around us and because of their abundance are debased and rendered to a lower rank than the ethereal bits.

First, with respect to women: Desires of the flesh are so outside of the realm of reason that they are described as a form of ecstatic madness. The men who wrote about these matters had an unhealthy view of sex it seems and so began to debase not only these sexual desires but also came to resent the objects of their desires. Women were thought to be incapable of higher purposes and their roles relegated to that of executors of worldly functions like birthing, feeding, and sexual gratification. The injustices of this world view became glaringly obvious with the advent of a more industrial and technological age. We have been slow in rectifying it in the West while it seems to have stalled completely in much of the Islamic world.

Secondly, this separation of the profane and divine along the lines of the physical and spiritual have lead to an inherent disrespect for the environment. Religions and cultures that don't make the delineation in this way almost always have a comportment to the Earth that is not one of seeing it simply as exploitable material. These cultures have a more sensible sense of the divine which considers it to reside in the world around us. In fact it is often this very Nature and Earth within which we live that is considered divine and such divinity is achieved through accepting and living with this revelation.

Descriptions of the sexual act are sometimes used in hurtful and derogatory ways such that to "fuck something" means to damage it; as in "Capitalism has really fucked the Earth". But Capitalism doesn't have to be rapacious. Both rape and lovemaking can be described as fucking. I advocate fucking the Earth but in the attentive caring and gentle ways that one would make love to a woman, considering her joy as much as your own.


Cathy said...

Yes, but first, man must learn how to respect the earth and not continually, "kick the shit out of her".

Childsplayx2 said...

FYI - I emailed your interview questions to the email address on your blogger profile. Let me know if you need me to send them anywhere else!

JakeJakob said...

I didn't receive them. Please try again.

ed fisher said...

Hey Jake...Google is now showing my image of gaia_birth.jpg as originating at your site. This deprives my site of its ranking and readership in an image search for "gaia birth". How about deleting this purloined image from your blog so I can benefit from my intellectual property. Thanks a bunch. Ed Fisher

JakeJakob said...

@ed Done. My apologies.

It might have been better to use it with an attribution but I've removed it as you requested.

nellaal said...

With virtual machines running autonomously in the cloud, that is out of the question.

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