Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Miss My Dog


Robin Uchida said...

"Why must I kill all that I love?"

- because to let it live would be too cruel.

- to confirm it was love.

- for the enjoyment of living without.

- because killing is easy, loving is not.

- because life would be without purpose otherwise.

- because you can.

- because you believe it is the only way love can live at all.

- because to do what you 'must' do is a certainty.

- because to be in a position to ask is liberating.

- because there is power in building and destroying.

- power, freedom and self-loathing.

Some ideas for the next illustration?

JakeJakob said...

Robin: You're as twisted as 909!

My favourite:
"because killing is easy, loving is not"