Monday, February 20, 2006


It was well past midnight when I heard someone say "I need that like a fish needs a bike" and I immediately thought that "Fishbike" would be a good name for a band. I emailed Bob with the subject heading "Band Name" and simply wrote "Fishbike" in the body of the message.
The next day I received a reply with various references to "Fishbike" that he had found on the net. We have arrived at a stage in language and communication in which it has become increasingly difficult to coin new and original words.

Many many years ago I went on a cross-country road trip with Bob. While travelling somewhere along the flat Plains, in a near-catatonic state I began blurting out seemingly random words or phrases that Bob copied into his notebook. We called this a list of band names. I remember laughing hysterically years later when we read them over a coffee. I remember one of those band names "Phasers on Marmalade". I'm pretty sure I coined that one. I just googled it in another window and there were no matches. There are however 833 pages on which the word "phaser" appears along with the word "marmalade".

After the success of "The Police", "The Clash" and "The Knack" people soon ran out of single concept names and bands were forced to come up with more clever multi-concept names like "Dalek I Love You", "Porno for Pyros" and "Dayglow Abortions".
Two other creations that came in quick succession in my stream-of-conciousness band naming that day were "Jesus Fonzarelli" and "Elvis Hitler". Two quick Google searches reveal that there are actually bands that are so named.

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