Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kotter Matrix

I just saw an episode of Welcome Back Kotter. I remember enjoying that show as a child but I was surprised by how cheesy and unfunny it actually was. I don't recall the production values being so low. It looked like a weekend project conceived and shot by your high school's AV club in the school gymnasium. As a child I thought Barbarino was pretty cool and I liked to think that I most resembled him owing to our shared possession of charm with the ladies. The years have given me fresh perspective so I now realize that I was probably 40% Barbarino, 30% Epstein, 18 percent Washington and about 12% Horschak.

Applied to Seinfeld I would be about 40% Jerry, 30% George, 18% Elaine and about 12% Kramer.

On the Sex and the City Matrix I'm not sure if I would qualify but I'd have to say that I was about 40% Carrie, 30% the Brunette, 18% the Redhead and about 12% the Slut.

But I have asked women which character they most resembled and all of them said they most resembled Carrie as played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Given the benefit of perspective I believe these women will one day be watching a rerun 20 years from now and realize that they weren't really 100% Carrie but some alchemical mixture of all 4 of the main characters in varying percentages.

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Anonymous said...

40% Barbarino. You Wish.
Not even Jesus Fonzarelli is 40% Babarino.