Saturday, July 14, 2007

Suspicious Minds

My friend Robin who's doing great work over there at the Institute of Higher Purpose tagged me with this task. Start every sentence with "I am suspicious..." go.

I am suspicious of viral blog tagging.
I am suspicious of raccoons because I think they're planning something big.
I am suspicious of squirrels who know what those guys are up to but won't tell us.
I am suspicious that I found in a restroom 12 different types of loose toilet paper rolls in 12 different sizes.
I am suspicious that there's always a different man smoking and hanging his head out of my neighbour's window.
I am suspicious of my other neighbour who in the back laneway always seems to be having an argument with an unseen foe.
I am suspicious when someone says they have the answer.
I am suspicious of suspicion.
I am suspicious why time travelers from the future haven't revealed themselves to us.
I am suspicious of unseen forces that hold together the nucleus of an atom.
I am suspicious when a pretty young girl talks to me on the street, even with my early middle-aged good looks.
I am suspicious why someone hasn't yet come out and said "Yo, you've been punked, now here's your real life."
I am suspicious..... not.

I won't tag anyone directly but consider yourself served.

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