Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Crazy College Kids

Lou Salome, Paul Ree and Friedrich Nietzsche in happy times; Before the heartbreaks, nihilism, crippling illnesses and eventual syphilis induced madness, only to be then posthumously misrepresented by his Nazi sister and brother-in-law.

N.B. He seemed to have that crazy moustache throughout his entire adult life.

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Anonymous said...

Nietche said about his mustache, and I paraphrase:
“When people see a man with a big handsome mustache, all they see is a mustache.”

That's certainly true. It’s like a mask to hide behind—I still don’t know what he really looks like.

RE Crazy College Kids : From the film Al di là del bene e del male 1977
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Photos morphed to appear as silent film footage (very eerie)
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