Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lex Parsimoniae

This is an example of well made conspiracy art. I'm not sure about the content. Who knows? It might be true.

Some people believe that a Boeing 757 did not actually fly into the Pentagon. So what did? And what happened to the missing plane? I just haven't heard any reasonable explanation as to why someone would go to all that trouble. Quite often the cover-up seems like it would have to be so incredibly complicated and onerous to pull off. That's not to say there was no such conspiracy, but until more evidence can be presented to compel me to accept an alternative explanation then Occam's Razor cuts off the debate for now.


Anonymous said...

It wasn’t a plane! As discribed in the video, its impossible to fly a 757 a couple of feet of the ground. You would crash in the attempt, causing alot of damage.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is not beyond the government’s absolute power and cunning abilities to apprehend 4 commercial planes, kidnap and dispose of dozens of civilians and have the entire operation unfold with clockwork timing under the guidance of hundreds of devoutly evil agents.

For example, take the Katrina fiasco, (not the relief operation of coarse) but the cunningly planned expropriation of valuable land from the black citizens, all carried out, under the guise of a natural disaster with the aid of precisely placed dynamite under key levees.

Anonymous said...

Why the need for more debate Mr. Lex Parsimoniae.

There has not been a major event in the past 100 years that has not unfolded by its own volition. They have all been guided by unseen hands. These unseen forces are so powerful they will never allow any real evidence to surface, or allow anyone to talk. So you will just have to accept these facts without reason. Hold on to your Occam’s Razor, you’ll need it. You will grow a long beard waiting for more evidence.

JakeJakob said...

I might go along with the notion that those in charge at the White House could conceivably be that evil. I just can't imagine they could conceivably be that competent.