Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple Resurrects The Newton

In 1993 I came across a new product from Apple Computer called The Newton. It captured my imagination. The next year I had left grad school and formed a company that focused on the new technology. I gave six years of my life to that project and had a wild ride. During those years I would either go to Macworld exhibitions or follow them remotely to see what new products were being launched.

The Newton continued to improve until Apple released their final version the MP2100 in 1997. It was starting to approach the potential I had envisioned for a mobile communication device. It was years ahead of its time and it took many years for others to approach it's innovations. But it all ended badly for Newton when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and decided to trash anything that was invented while he was serving the banishment imposed on him by John Sculley. Rumours persisted for years that Apple would bring back the Newton but it never materialized... until yesterday.

So yesterday morning I followed Jobs' keynote from San Francisco where he was expected to announce the new iPhone. It has already caused quite a stir, appearing on the front page of many newspapers including the Globe and Mail that was delivered to my door this morning. This slim and sexy iPod/computer/communicator (which may be renamed soon) is really a device that materializes many of the promises made years ago by the Newton.

What Steve Jobs taketh away, Steve Jobs giveth again.

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