Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Language Bytes

Mcdonald's Encouraging Littering? "Put litter in its place" is printed on Mcdonald's packaging. But crumpled paper is litter if it is found on the sidewalk and it is garbage if found in a bin.

Dead Slow Children Playing These words were posted on a sign in my neighbourhood when I was kid. Sure, my friends and I weren't that bright, but come on!

Farken Icehole Motherfarkers There was a movie called Johnny Dangerously which featured an immigrant mobster who shouted malaprop obscenities. This comic innovation allowed us children to watch a movie in which swearing occurred. I understand that Battlestar Gallactica also uses Fark in the same way. But if everyone started to use it like a profanity would they not have to begin bleeping it?

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