Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Week in Fat

It's a Fat World After All
Disneyland denies that they're shutting down their "It's a Small World " ride in order to make changes to accommodate heavier passengers. Miceage reported that the boats kept getting stuck forcing the staff to more frequently ask some patrons to get off the ride so that the boats could continue floating. It's been reported that in order to make these patrons feel better they're being offered food vouchers.

Flying the Fat Skies
A doctor in Australia is advocating that airlines should charge a premium to obese passengers to be levied for every kilogram above a certain weight, just like they do for excess baggage. I think this idea's going to have some legs and will eventually become policy. The price of fuel continues to rise as we run out of oil while no one seems to be working on any serious alternatives for jet fuel. I could imagine one day soon being weighed with all of my luggage and paying for my ticket based on the total weight.

Fat Old Opry
Nashville Tennessee is the fattest city in America with 68% of it's residents overweight or obese. Forbes Magazine has also written that the most sparsely populated areas of the country are also the fattest while the densely filled areas like NYC and L.A. are less so. Dense urban living is more efficient in more ways than one.

Fat is no Joking Matter

Unless you go here, where it is.

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