Saturday, March 10, 2007

Business for Good

We know that most print publications don't make much money from subscriptions. It's just a way to get more audited eyeballs looking at their content on a regular basis. This allows them to charge what they do for advertising which is where the meat of the money comes from. What if you could increase the number of eyeballs while also doing some good for the world?

Good Magazine is a print publication that focuses on issues around design, media, culture etc. They have hit upon an interesting way to increase readership. They charge $20 for a six month subscription but they will donate 100% of that money to your choice from a dozen different worthy causes hoping to raise $1Million.

My friend Michael offered to buy subscriptions as a gift for the first five people to leave a comment on his blog. I accepted his offer. I will now carry forward the gift and offer a free subscription to the first five people who comment on this posting.

Let me know which organization you would like to support with your gift.


Cathy said...

I know you hate when I get magazine subscriptions, but at least all of the money is going to a good cause.

amy said...

wow. too 'good' to pass up.
is it okay if i take you up on it even though i can't make the same offer to five others?

(damn grad student budget)

JakeJakob said...

There is no obligation to pass it on. Just enjoy the magazine while doing some good.

Email me the address to which you would like the subscription to go.

3 subscriptions remain. said...

ok. here, too, then. contribution to worl wildlife fund, ok? said...

I have a new found appreciation for editors. There's such a cacophony of information out there to sort through.
I will subscribe myself also.