Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stillborn Postings

Remembering the past and envisioning the future occur in the same area of the brain.

Asimo the robot creeps people out only because he's so human-like.

The copper penny represents 1 cent of value but contains 3 cents worth of copper.

"We played good tonight." The adverb is endangered in America. Good grammar is for pussies or Englishmen.

Dictators use the framework of religion to move people in ways they're used to being moved.

With our excessive consumption levels we have all become fat savages.

It's sad that we have to justify biodiversity by pointing out that if a species were to become extinct we might miss out on a novel way to exploit it.

An ancient society with a zero footprint would have left no record of ever having been here.

Telescopes and televisions are time travel machines.

Digital clocks don't adequately reflect the physical events that mark the passage of time.

Canada should consider making a leveraged buyout of America.

Most frequently asked question when giving a DNA sample - "are you going to clone me?"

The most wonderful things in the Universe are those that are difficult to quantify.

We don't need to go away we just need to find a better balance. Rehab not euthanasia.

The emperor has no clothes. Russia, China and Iran now realize this.

Jesus-figures and other prophets are hackers who have entered the simulation.

So what's behind that next deeper level? It's turtles all the way down.

The fastest growing motorcycle producer is an open source collaboration in China.

Birth rates for girls are even lower in the wealthiest parts of Punjab because they can afford ultrasounds.

America is setting a bad example for Capitalism because they are forgetting Liberalism.

Binging behaviour is embedded in religious festivals like Mardi Gras which are based on more ancient feast and famine cycles.

Incompleteness theorem: So because you decide you can't know everything you decide that you know everything.

Second Life, afterlife, get a first life.

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