Thursday, March 29, 2007

Facebook Blogger Dilemma

This has been the month of Facebook. Along with millions of others I have signed onto Facebook and now have another reason to strain my eyes for hours in front of the computer screen. I first signed on as Jake Jakob but it doesn't really make sense to use a nom de plume on Facebook if you want to be accessible to people who know you in real life, so I created another account with my real name.

I now have a split personality. On Blogger I'm known as Jake Jakob but that's not exactly my real name. I now have another virtual identity on Facebook that happens to share the same name as my meat-space identity. With that identity I socially connect mostly with people who have been in a physical space with me at some point in time, whereas my friends here on Blogger for the most part have only shared virtual space with me.

I am considering merging my two personae but I've been reluctant to use my real name on Blogger. I'm not sure why. Many of the blogs I read seem to use their meat-space names without incident.

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Cathy :) said...

That video is hysterical!!! I showed it to my grade eight students who didn't go to music class, (and who use facebook)they couldn't stop laughing. When they did, one commented, "that was funny, but kinda scary too."