Saturday, March 17, 2007

Passages From An Unfinished Novel II

Back by popular demand (OK, two readers have asked for more).

From a work in progress described as your typical quantum physics, boxing, time-travel, psychological, mind-fuck love-story so common to the genre that I call Sci-Psy-Phi-Fi.

The jab makes contact and Vito is about to unleash his combination when Ziggy senses this and moves even closer so that Vito cannot swing. The victim clutches the abuser in a clinch. Given another context this could be interpreted as an act of affection. As sweat channels down the centres of their bare chests these men seem to be friends in intimate embrace, their eyes closed, deeply inhaling and exhaling in a momentary respite from their heretofore pangs of loneliness.

The mouse which has been bashed around by a cat will eventually decide to run into the belly of its tormentor in order to win a fleeting moment of peace. The cat, happy to oblige, will sit staring ahead as the mouse pants in relief - confused by a comfort not unlike that of its mother's suckling belly - thinking that it is safe from harm. Seeing this in snapshot one might think that it's just a manipulated mis-en-scene for a cute poster found in the jarringly cluttered locker of a schoolgirl or for the pastel images of Heaven on Earth peddled by those clean but unstylishly dressed people who ask general questions and hand out pamphlets at your door on early weekend mornings.

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me girrl said...

oh.i so adore those moments of misinterpreted affection. delicious.
you give good word